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Hey maggot lips...

have any of you guys ever noticed that the olsen twins look like chimps? they have high, chimpy cheekbones, and big, flat chimp mouths. the dolls really show this. no one seems to realize it.
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It was even worse when they were young and in Full House because then they were chimp sized, now they're like small gorillas..
The dolls show truth. I think their lips look like they've given too many blow jobs. Kinds stretched out dont ya think? As for their faces, they look like cunts. Literaly.
hey! That's insulting to chimps! *Heh heh*
WHAT THE HELL! get over it! your just jealous because your way fuckin uglier than them. why dont you get the hell over it?
are you insane? i guess you're some teeny bopper (this' obvious by your icon; are obsessions your hobby?) who's in love with the olsen twins, huh? were they your idols growing up or something? do you have issues with not having any friends, and having to live vicariously through the twins?

i mean, did you seriously go out of your way to make this pathetic attempt at making fun of me solely because of a love for the twins? you're obviously delusional and lonely. anyway, good luck with your obsessions. i hope someday you can look as much like a monkey as your idol twins.
shut the fuck up. why do you think they are her "idol twins"? and wait, SHE'S living "vicariously" through the twins? she didn't make a fucking community on them you idiot. the olsen twins may not be talented like julia roberts but they are beautiful, smart and worth millions of dollars. anyone who claims to hate someone they have never met before is just jealous. but it's okay, i can see why your jealous of them.
are you their damn cousin or something? jesus, you're crazy. anyway, i came up with the term "idol twins", and it was a sarcastic insult, so trying to use it in your arguement is just worthless, because it's really insulting you.

is "she" you? that's very confusing. you could use "i" or whatever your name is, or your lj name, if you're not too scared to use it.

i didn't make an olsen twins community either, so, again, i don't know why/how you're trying to use that against me. again, you've failed miserably. the olsen twins aren't beautiful. have you ever seen them without make-up on? no, you haven't, because they've been on t.v. their whole lives. anyway though, they were probably wearing the least make-up when they were babies, and they completely looked like chimps then. if you deny that, you've obviously never seen a chimp, or you're in denial because you look like a chimp too, or some other zoo animal, for that matter.

give me some facts proving their intelligence. i've never heard anything of it, probably because they're not smart. but i'll give you a shot anyway.

they're worth millions of dollars because idiots in the population (much like yourself) glom onto them, and are willing to throw away so much money on such stupid products. america has an infatuation with sitcoms, twins, and consumerism. that has worked in their advantage, and now they're worth too much. they're just as good (or bad) as any other human on this planet, and they don't deserve so much wealth. it's sick that our society perpetuates giving money to talentless twins who grew up on t.v.
i don't recall ever claiming to hate them. but it sure sounds like you hate me, and by your logic, that means you're jealous. it's okay though, i get that alot from peons like you.
do you know that one in every five children in america goes hungry every month? do you know the food they're feeding these kids in the public schools, where ketchup is considered a vegetable? do you know that 40-50% of community dwelling elderly people are at risk of becoming malnourished? do you see yet how the money being thrown at the olsen twins could be better spent? no, you don't, because you're too busy throwing your money at them with the rest of the people in this country who care so much more about television than the rest of the world, and the problems in it. wake up.
so you arent saying that you support ANY celebrity? because that is how they all are. do you support any athletes? every "celebrity" in the public eye is having money thrown at them. and why does everyone say the olsens wear "so much makeup"? i actually have seen them without makeup because i met them in new york, and they look completely the same, just a little bit younger. you tell me to give you facts proving their intelligence. well, to be honest, i dont have any. but your situation is the same, you say that they ARENT intelligent, but where is YOUR proof? they both got into NYU, and that's a pretty big achievement. i personally think the olsen twins are very pretty, and many other people do too. you should post a picture of yourself on here, because you shouldn't call pretty people "chimp-like" if you probably dont look much better.
or the gap between the poor and the rich in america. it's the largest in the world. why do these people, who are no better than myself (but probably better than you) deserve so much money? they don't even need it. they can't possibly realistically use it in their lifetimes.

the vast majority of people on t.v. wear "so much makeup", even politicians. it's a fact. check it out.

how do you know they weren't wearing makeup? did you fucking ask? that's pretty damn rude.

i'm not saying they're not intelligent; i'm saying they don't deserve all this money and attention for being exactly the same as everyone else in the world. they're not more attractive (not that that's even important), more intelligent, or more talented. that's the point i'm making.

if they're going to live "in the public eye", they're subjecting themselves to compliments and criticisms alike. i have every right to say they're the ugliest person i've ever laid eyes on without putting myself up for the same scrutinization. the day i get on t.v., i'll post a picture of myself for you.
at least someone agrees with me!
because you'll only get one.
okay...im going to pretend like you didn't just say that. im not obessed, im just stating a fact that YOUR obessed with hating someone you dont know, meaning YOU have the problem. Get it through your pea brain yet?
but i did say it. accept it. how am i obsessed? i made this post last year! do you realize how unobsessed that is? you're crazy.

"pea brain"? i bet you went to public school.
judging by your icon, you did as well.
oh, and, again, nice try on the insult.
ya.. and that's why you devote your time to a hate journal?... I think you're a little more obbsessed than you think. and if you are any of the people in your userpic I would be thanking my lucky stars if I looked like a chimp. hhahhaa loooooserrrr
because i think being a member of one community i've posted in...once doesn't really constitute a devoted hate journal. do you? how do you define "obsession"?

...such pathetic attempts at insults.
you all are completely crazy. i cant believe this. why dont you go join some club for jealous, hating people who are so self concious they attack innocent people and call them chimps.
im not afraid to use my live journal name, but you are really disgusting. all of you need to get a life. seriously....if i hated someone in the business (which i dont because everyone works so hard to get there) i certainly wouldnt make a community promoting to hate someone i didnt know....that's really weird and obsessive. i cant believe your calling ME obsessive when your clearly obsessed with something (and some people) you dont even know the first thing about. you all are so jealous it's insane. and your calling me jealous of you? um no thanks. im not jealous of obsessive psycho people. i bet your all the kind that wear white face paint and march around with anti everything signs. why dont you keep your hate remarks to yourself and put yourself in other people's shoes? shut the fuck up!
i really see what it is...your completely jealous of them because they have so many fans and people who love them and would give anything meet them, and your probably all hated and people would give anything to NOT see you. if your obsessing over people on TV that's scary. a piece of advice: dont watch the shows, dont buy the movies, dont purchase magazines with them in it or you'll REALLY die then, wont you? looking at a picture of "chimps" (but in everyone elses eyes beautiful people, but your opinions are obviously fucked) will REALLY KILL YOU!
im so sorry your all so pathetic. but really, get a fucking life and change the god damn channel.
how can you say we're crazy when you've gone out of your way to find a community dedicated to hating something you like and berate the people in it? doesn't that sound a little crazy? can you really not believe this? you must lead a sheltered life.

i looked into the clubs you're a member of: 0verpr0tected--how is this community not about being jealous of britney spears? that's sure what it seems to be about. and i'll bet you hate the people who hate her--innocent people. doesn't that seem a little hypocritical? i'll bet you even attack the people who hate her, much as you're doing here. and if you like britney spears and the olsen twins so much, i'll bet you're pretty self conscious, another thing you accused this community of being.

moving right along, there's 80sflicks--another community probably based mostly on jealousy. anti_antibam--another community about how jealous you are of bam. speaking of which, if you idolize him so much, how can you be mad at me for "attacking innocent people"? isn't that mostly what he and his crew do? it is. oh, and here's a rule from said community: "Do not join if you hate bam. have a little respect, come on." and yet, here you are, having no respect, appearing in this community only to hate it's members. why don't you have a little respect. do unto others, you know.

claim_a_male--here's a community for people too obnoxious to have real boyfriends, so they claim unattainable ones. claim_yer_male is pretty much
claim_yer_male is pretty much the same, but for even less attainable men. vivalabamm is pretty much the same as the other one; more "hating of haters" and whatnot. you really love to hate, huh?

yams_forever--i'm just guessing the purpose of this community is to find other communities and try to piss of the members. am i right? what do i win!?

i think it's really disgusting that you love celebrities so much. it's gross. you're a hypocrite.

how do you know that "all of us" don't have lives? i mean, it looks to me like you need a life because you live in fantasy celebrity land. you're sitting here, preaching about not hating people you don't know, while hating all of us--people you don't know! could you be any more hypocritical?

if i'm so clearly obsessed with something, what is it? please, oh please, enlighten me. what?! we wear white face paint?! so now you're accusing us of being mimes!? you're so crazy and confusing!

why don't you practice what you preach, and keep your hate remarks to yourself. it's so sad that there're people like you in this world. and you're so crazy. i just can't believe you really exist. how insane are you?

you're telling me that obsessing over people on tv is scary; you're a member of at least five communities devoted to obsessing over people on tv and in movies. hypocritical? and you come here to defend more tv personalities you're obsessed with. hypocritical?

some answers to your advice: i don't watch the shows; i don't have tv. i don't buy the movies; they're fucking lame. i don't purchase the magazines; they're retarded and written by idiots like you. that doesn't mean these people aren't still everywhere i look, and it's disgusting.

they're not beautiful in everyone elses eyes. you just can't believe that people see things differently than you. why don't you allow people to have separate opinions than your own for a change? it might do you some good.

why don't you stop living vicariously through the tv?
I dont mind that you guys dont like the olsens, whatever, its your opinion. I just think its funny that you say "the dolls really show it". They're dolls. Jesus. haha
at any rate, what the hell was done to that girls hair? anyway, i don't really understand your comment. whenever they try to make dolls from real people, they play up their defining characteristics because "they're dolls" and they need a little something extra. so they gave them extra chimpy faces.