Michelle (toxicluv22) wrote in stoptheolsens,


i cracked up laughing when I saw this community. Hmm..planning on stopping the olsens? wow you guys amuse me. You guys have less than 100 members, and even if 100 people called wal-mart and asked them to stop selling mary-kate and ashley merchandise they wouldn't stop for shit. wal-mart and mary-kate and ashley make tons of money off of that, and they wouldn't stop making money for a few jealous kids. Mary-kate and ashley have more mney than all of you combined. Even if wal-mart actually did stop selling mka merchandise...another store such as target would gracially love to sell their stuff. even if they stop selling merchandise will it really make a difference.
they will still be hot, talented, and rich.
don't hide from the obvioius. making a few desperate calls to wall-mart won't prove anything.

you won't be stopping the olsens any time soon. they have an empire of 300 million....obviously people like their merchandise/movies/etc...which is why they are making so much money,

wall-mart won't stop selling mka stuff for shit (you guys)

start raising money for research on breast cancer.
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