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Mary-Kate and Ashley. [entries|friends|calendar]
Stop The Olsens.

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i just got the greatest idea! [22 Mar 2005|09:48pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

ok, check it out: i'm going to go to some olsen twins communities, and join them. then i'm going to make an entry about some bullshit awesome new website i found about the twins that rules so fucking much, but the link's actually going to sign them out of the community! how sweet an idea is this?! you guys should do it too. i'm starting with those fucks that said shit in here. yo!

check it!

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[04 Dec 2004|05:12pm]

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[09 Jul 2004|02:51am]


i cracked up laughing when I saw this community. Hmm..planning on stopping the olsens? wow you guys amuse me. You guys have less than 100 members, and even if 100 people called wal-mart and asked them to stop selling mary-kate and ashley merchandise they wouldn't stop for shit. wal-mart and mary-kate and ashley make tons of money off of that, and they wouldn't stop making money for a few jealous kids. Mary-kate and ashley have more mney than all of you combined. Even if wal-mart actually did stop selling mka merchandise...another store such as target would gracially love to sell their stuff. even if they stop selling merchandise will it really make a difference.
they will still be hot, talented, and rich.
don't hide from the obvioius. making a few desperate calls to wall-mart won't prove anything.

you won't be stopping the olsens any time soon. they have an empire of 300 million....obviously people like their merchandise/movies/etc...which is why they are making so much money,

wall-mart won't stop selling mka stuff for shit (you guys)

start raising money for research on breast cancer.
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check it [20 Mar 2004|03:39pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

i think everyone needs to know the shit that's going down here. i posted this five months ago, so i'm sure no one checks it regularly, but some people are going crazy, and i need your help.... not really, but it would be appreciated. thanks!

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[22 Feb 2004|05:28pm]

My acting coach showed our acting class some snippets from their (the Olsen Twins) movies as examples of bad acting.
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[20 Jan 2004|01:33pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

i don't want this community to die.

any thoughts as to what we can do about this?

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[02 Nov 2003|08:01pm]

In light of recent events, (namely trolls). I've turned on the IP logging feature for anonymous posts.
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[17 Oct 2003|02:24am]

[ mood | curious ]

So, since this has been around for.. uh, well, over a week, it's not capable of generating a LJ user code.. I was thinking if someone wanted to redo the community layout, they'd be worthy of getting the code..

I'm thinking of stipulations and whatnot, but I'll see if anyone's interested before I go and write them all out since my arm's broken and typing isn't fun..

edit: rather, it is capable of generating a user code.. i'm not certain why i wrote it wasn't but, eh, the original offer still stands..

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So.. [13 Oct 2003|06:58pm]

[ mood | okay ]

So there's this girl roaming around my city. I swear to god she looks like the twins just morphed into one being and it's her.

Like, have you seen Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey with the creatures at the end, Station. And how they combine into one thing?

That is totally this.

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[13 Oct 2003|06:43pm]

[ mood | okay ]

So, in keeping with the true nature of this community, and in accordance with our mission statement (or community bio, if you want to be an ass about it). I'm posting Wal-Mart's contact information, so we can unite and let Wal-Mart know we don't want them to continue selling MKA wares.

Walmart Contact Form

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716

1.800.WALMART (1.800.925.6278)

So, yes, write away.
And in a slightly off-topic note, I'm thinking of making Anti-MKA buttons, is anyone interested?

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Hey maggot lips... [13 Oct 2003|01:55pm]

[ mood | sick ]

have any of you guys ever noticed that the olsen twins look like chimps? they have high, chimpy cheekbones, and big, flat chimp mouths. the dolls really show this. no one seems to realize it.

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First Post of Decency [24 Sep 2003|09:26pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A Little Intro...

It is about time I chose to sit down, relax and actually make a post in this community seeing as I like it so much. In actual fact, I came from the other anti-Olsen community by the name of Anti MKA (anti_mka if anybody wishes to join). Little did I know that there was another community running of the same interest. So, basically; Heya! I am briefly going to tell you my reasons for being here, and the many reasons as to why I hate the Olsens. Actually, hate is too nice a word. Despise. Yes. It has a better ring to it.

Very well, so I despise the Olsens. I really do. Though I like to think of myself as rather professional, and I therefore choose to back up my opinions and give reasons when I have made a specific judgement. Any person can say, 'Yeah, I hate them. They're rubbish.' (Or perhaps something more offensive yet still along those lines). But with regards to personal taste, I prefer to give a more meaningful view.

I posted an introductory entry like this when Anti MKA was set up, so I do apologise if you have read something alike in the past. Also, I am probably saying when a thousand other people have already said, so apologies again (yes, that IS what the Olsens do to you. They are so annoying and repetative that everybody notices these things and hates them.) So, here I go.

  • Their films and (excuses for) television programmes are simply detestable. Quite frankly, these movies and shows have no plots whatsoever. Oops! My bad...they DO have a plot. One plot that is shared amongst ALL of their pathetic attempts at Box Office smashes. It gives media geniuses/filmmakers/scriptwriters/future film producers such as myself a very bad name. It really is cringeworthy. To the Olsens, the public, and to those of us who are studying to become filmmakers and suddenly think of having to work upon a project such as 'Getting There.'
  • Their range of clothing and make-up is utterly atrocious. The denim garments look scruffy (refer to the 'Derelict' scene in Zoolander) and I would NEVER dress any of my own kids in such rubbish. I do hold proof of the terror, in that my mother works at Asda (Walmart in US) and she has always seen that the clothing never seems to sell. No normal mother wants her lovely girl(s) wearing such trash, I presume.
  • Prior to that above fact, their dolls have remained on sale at Asda for months. There were hundreds left in the sale on Asda's shelves ages after the Christmas period. Obviously are not must-haves, then.
  • Moving away from their hideous products now, and onto their even more hideous shows. Personally I refrain from watching them whenever possible, though with younger sisters at home continuously watching childrens' channels, I could not help but watch episodes of 'Two of a Kind'. I was sickened (as expected) but in more ways than one. I was shocked to see these two young blonde twins portrayed as dumb, boy-mad young sluts who proceeded to dress and talk in each episode as though they were nineteen years of age, but in all honesty simply looked like ten-year-olds dressed up.
  • They probably WERE ten-year-olds at the time of filming that heap of garbage.
  • In each show, and every movie, the girls are so obviously young, yet their lives are focused upon kissing boys, dating boys, cute boys, nice boys shopping, outfits that look 'so totally cute' and boys in general. It really is disgraceful and since seeing that show I have always been appalled at the sight of their hideously dolled-up faces.

    Now I do admit to being old-fashioned with regards to youngsters. Maybe it is my own fault. I was brought up with discipline and a desire to retain class. I was taught to read as soon as I was able to pick up a book. I was reading all kinds of literature through my very early childhood whilst penning stories, poems and Press Pack articles. I hardly watched television and rarely do now. I chose to draw, and play with art and craft sets and never ever showed an interest in dressing up fashion dolls. (Baby dolls and toy household appliances are society's way of turning young girls into housewives an mothers, but that is a completely different matter.)

    Anyhow, I was never interested in boys. Or fashion. Or speaking as though I had no brain in my head whatsoever. I would recommend programmes such as The Worst Witch, where [English] children are taught to speak properly with correct grammar etc, and to show how NOT to act in front of others if you want to keep some dignity.

    I have grown up. I have SEEN for myself those girls who are so alike to Mary-Kate and Ashley. I have seen how they've grown up thinking they are 'so totally cute', their lives of fashion and good looks circling the high school boys. And do you know what has happened to each and every one of them?

    They became pregnant at an early age, their 'cool' lives of vanity and cheerleading taken away from them and any aspirations these brainless whores may once have had, vanished forever. When me, the 'geek', is going to University to be a broadcast journalist with my own casting agency.

    And it happens all the time. At Anti MKA we seemed to get a lot of anonymous posters, preaching their love for the twins and accusing us of what seemed like Sadism. But from their lack of capital letters and full stops, correct spelling and complete brains altogether, it is simple to see what will eventually happen to these brainwashed boy-mad bimbos.

    *Takes a deep breath* But no, I have not finished yet. But I like to assume that this is a community in which I can let all of my bad feelings out. I have had somewhat of a stressful day, so quite frankly I deserve it.

    Basically, I have hated the twins since I first saw them. They are NOT good role models for young teenage girls and I do not see how they can ever think that they will be. They bring forward the wrong kind of attitude. I mean, if it HAS to be pink and cute, then go for Barbie. She is pretty, blonde, has one steady boyfriend, has playsets in which she can be seen working in many different jobs (pilot, fashion designer, movie star, horse-rider, babysitter for twenty-odd kids (if the common girls of society need something to aspire to, that is) and many more). She goes shopping, but works for it. Heh. And she stars in computerised ballet movies. What more could a little girl want...

    As for 'Two of a Kind' and all of that other pointless garbage, then basically they can just f*** off my screen. I refuse to pay a TV license for those little cows to dominate my TV with shouts of, 'That is sooooooo cool, Ashley!' 'Yeah, like that guy is like, sooo totally hot Mary-Kate! *Five-hour giggle*'. I much prefer shows like 'Taina' (which remains on Nickelodeon, the same channel as 'Two of a Kind', if I recall correctly. Taina is talented, goes to stage school, has aspirations and goals AND a brain, and the show is funny.

    Oh, and did I mention the overuse of CANNED LAUGHTER in Two of a Kind?
    Mary Kate: 'Oh Ashley, that's like, SOOO cool!'
    *[Recorded] audience laughs hysterically*

    Really...that quote was so funny....I almost wet myself laughing there... *Snore*

    As a budding producer/scriptwriter/all things media myself, I do pity the writers of the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and series' who never seem to give any plot at all. What is saddening, is the fact that the writers never look into reality. Teenage viewers always need somebody to aspire to, which is why they watch teen shows and movies as escapism. This is also why they use airbrushing techniques. We do not want to see teens with physical imperfections; that would be too like real-life. That is understandable. But when it comes to defining the characters in terms of background and personality, that is a different matter. And in EVERY mary-Kate and Ashley show or movie (I could say the same for Lizzie McGuire but Hilary Duff at least has a likeable personality which reflects nicely in the show/movie) they ALWAYS play the same roles which are so untrue of real life. Their 'characters' (or should I say, 'name changes in each film') are always:

  • Pretty (Or try to be, owing to the makeup department.) They always seem to be the perfect ones whom all of the guys fancy (despite the fact that their young roles should not even be devoting their time looking for boys in the first place) or are voted the prettiest in their class or something along those lines.
  • The popular ones. With I'm-a-really-nice-and-charitable attitudes. When really girls like that...well, AREN'T like that.
  • From a highly wealthy social background, and live in a huge house.
  • Often cheerleaders.
  • Are clever (though this portrayal does not really work very well).
  • Have enough clothing to wear a different outfit every day of the year, by the seems of it.

    Oh, okay. They cannot possibly be that perfect, say the scriptwriters. Throw in a dead parent or something to make them seem like a normal person with faults.

    But seriously. It gets boring, and it gets boring at a rapid pace. I know for a fact that not every girl in America is like that. Why cannot the prettiest girl in school be working-class? Or the head cheerleader be black? Or maybe, just maybe, one of the background extras could be obese? Or is that asking too much...

    I give up. Sometimes, I really do. I know that many may say that I am pathetic for wasting my time writing about my hatred if I dislike them so much. But I am a critic. That is what I do. If little Olsen-followers actually understand what a critic is, for that matter.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley (who calls a child Mary-Kate anyway??) have faces which simply need to be slapped. They cannot act at all. I would pay anything to wipe those smirks off their faces. And the overused make-up.

    I have had my say, and you are probably pleased. But I will definately be writing more of my Olsen death-wishes soon enough. In advance, I am entirely sorry for any typing errors that you may come across. I type tremendously fast when I have a lot to say, and I do not wish to do a read-through at this moment in time.

    Before I leave, I must issue a warning. However tempted you are in the near future to actually watch an Olsen show or movie just to see how pathetic they are, then do not. One word: RATINGS. When you watch, they know you are watching. And they will put on more and more Mary-Kate and Ashley. Forever. So, whatever you do, please switch off.

    I can breathe calmly again now. Thank you for your patience.

    Danielle/Tabloid Quill
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    Jesus.. [22 Sep 2003|01:48pm]

    Okay. This is the number four try in posting on here. It wouldn't let me do it through the damn thingy.. Not like anyone know's what I'm talking about.

    Short and sweet:

    Hi. My name is Skip. I am the co-mod. for said community.

    I just wanted to welcome everyone; readers and members. Whether you're for us or your allegience lies within the Olsen's, I hope everyone can enjoy themselves and have fun here.

    Debate and altercations are good for your soul. They sharpen your wit.

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    [21 Sep 2003|02:11pm]

    Due to popular demand (not really, but work with me here), I will now reiterate my reasons for being here. And now, we shall begin ...

    Some anonymous poster asked me, "why do you hate us so much??"

    YOU personally? I have nothing against you, anonymous poster, personally. The tiffs I have with the Olsen twins are that they are fake, stupid, and I'm certain they've got some subliminal message hidden in one of their devil-spawned Wal-mart merchandises.

    The peroxide they use to dye their hair must've eaten through their skulls IF THEY KEEP ON HAVING SHOWS WHICH NEVER LAST. They had like four shows which had the same premise!! Parents are disgustingly understanding and loving, they have totally popular friends [LyKe YaY! LOL :-*], and they always seem to make Britney Spears look good. Plus, they're "such ordinary teen girls with ordinary teen problems, like acne and trying to take over the world!" Please. I'd sooner believe that Strom Thurmond would've made a great representative for the African American community than that butt-load of shit.

    Here's a little something from www.olsentwins.com, to let you see what I mean:

    "Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play teenage girls, Riley and Chloe Carlson, in their new television series So Little Time on Fox Family Channel. Riley and Chloe, too, have the everyday problems teenage girls face, on top of dealing with their two very different, somewhat bizarre separated parents. Their mom, Macy Carlson, lives in a dream beach house in Malibu, California and has a glamour job as a high fashion designer and very successful executive."

    "Their dad, Jake Carlson, has decided to 'find himself' and move his new home on wheels--a tiny trailer--right next door. So different, but they still have their two daughters in common and the love they have for them. Somehow this makes the family functional in its own peculiar way. Add a Latino housekeeper to the mix, an over the top friend who is obsessed with Riley, and a beautiful exotic fashion model friend, and you've got a hilarious recipe!"

    Oh, please! Please stop with the sypnosis! Just reading it sends full-throttled guffaws in my lower abdomen. Too hilarious. Too ... all right, let's stop with the sarcasm.

    To sum it all up, how many "seemingly ordinary teen girls" with "seemingly ordinary teen girl problems" have:
    - names like Chloe and Riley?
    - a mom who lives in a dream beach house in Malibu and has a glamour job as a high fashion designer and very successful executive?
    - a Latino housekeeper? Or just a HOUSEKEEPER for that matter? And why the hell is he a minority?
    - a friend which OBESSES over you?
    - and have a beautiful exotic model for a friend?

    And their movies are ALL the same:
    - go to a foreign country and meet oh-so-cute boys who fall madly in love with them.
    - solve some-type of mystery which is irrelevant to life.

    The infinite reason why I hate them most is because they give unreasonable hope to junior-high kids, making them believe that if you can star in a hit television series with your other disillusioned twin, you too can become a star! I also believe that they're just there to take up the scenery. Since when have you heard of some kind of charity funded by these blonde-enforcing stereotypes? NONE whatsoever!

    I hope these OLSEN TWINS read this, get off their pink-painted asses and write to me. I want to interview them and pound them to the friggin' wall. I want to expose their underground brothels and illegal cock-fighting rings. I want to rid the world of these disgusting self-righteous bitches.

    If you, anonymous poster, are indeed an Olsen twin which you have insinuated in your post, AIM me at rockmymunkisocks.
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    [19 Sep 2003|09:44pm]

    [ mood | bouncy ]

    Woot, woot!!! HiMyNameIsCristie+IHateTheOlsens!!!!!! Wwweeeewwww!!!! Rather sparse in here, isn't it? That will change once I get my insult juices ready.

    Later, one other person besides me
    = cristie

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    [19 Sep 2003|05:50pm]

    Ok, so, first post! score!
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